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Intelligent Street Lamp

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Intelligent street lamp, it is through the use of advanced, efficient and reliable communication technology, on the basis of the traditional street lamp lighting function integration of street lamp remote centralized control and management, wireless network coverage, intellisense, security monitoring and car battery pile, such as urban infrastructure, the traditional light pole into a carrier of the city of iot, achieve wisdom urban construction.

New energy + Internet of things + intelligence



Smart city is based on the construction of the Internet of things, and through cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data analysis and other means to achieve the comprehensive intelligent management of smart government affairs, smart medical care, smart transportation, smart parks, smart street lights and other cities.Smart street lamp is the carrier to realize the interconnection of everything.

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Intelligent street lamp adopts LED energy-saving lamps, integrating video monitoring, information release, communication base station, wireless WiFi and other functions into one, and USES computer communication technology to solve problems such as monitoring security, information release and transmission, mobile phone communication signal, wireless network coverage and so on, which has the advantages of energy conservation, environmental protection, technological innovation and functional utility.

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More efficient management mode more energy-saving terminal equipment more convenient monitoring mode

Intelligent lighting

Remote single lamp can control the opening, closing, dimming, electrical parameters acquisition, fault alarm lamp functions

Communication base station

Microbase station is installed to improve communication signal coverage and facilitate 5G layout

Wireless WiFi

The city's wireless network coverage to facilitate free access to the Internet anytime and anywhere

Environmental monitoring

Through environmental monitoring sensor, real-time monitoring of environmental data, concern about environmental climate change

Video monitoring

Remote real-time monitoring of road traffic, public security, public facilities and other operations

Information release

Through the electronic screen can be remote news, convenient information, advertising broadcast

Emergency call

Through visual intercom, intelligent linkage, medical fire control, public security and other units, to create a safe city

Charging pile

Provide more charging stations for electric bicycles and new energy vehicles to facilitate citizens' travel


Intelligent street lamp intelligent control system, through GSM/GPRS/ nb-iot network, to increase the remote control function.The operation and monitoring of street lamps can be controlled in real time only through the computer background or mobile phone APP.

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In the future, Internet of vehicles, unmanned driving and other technologies need to be equipped with sensors, locators and other devices on the lamp posts, while intelligent manhole covers need to be equipped with sensors under the manhole covers and data receivers on the lamp posts nearby.Equipped with such equipment, it requires 24-hour power supply and network access, so smart street lamp undoubtedly becomes the best carrier.

Intelligent manhole cover, intelligent detection, intelligent traffic, unmanned driving, etc

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