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Energy saving:Photovoltaic converts solar energy to provide electricity, and the energy extracted from the sun is inexhaustible.

Environmental protection:Meet the requirements of green environmental protection, no pollution, no noise, no radiation, ecological protection.

Safety:No ac power supply, high safety performance;Adopt battery to absorb solar energy and convert it into light energy through low-voltage direct current, so as to prevent electric shock, fire and other accidents.

Convenient:No need to lay cables, easy installation and maintenance.

Long service life:High technical content, intelligent control system, stable and reliable quality and durability.

High grade:High-tech products, green energy, no electricity, economic and practical, improve the image of urban management.

Widely used:

Solar street lamps are suitable for places with sunshine, urban main and secondary roads, streets, country roads, parking lots, sidewalks, campuses, villas, farms, ranches, gardens, scenic spots, etc.



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Lighting mode can be set according to customer requirements.

Such as Lighting Mode:

All night lighted on; 

Battery capacity with continuous 3 days backup (3-7 cloudy or rainy days); 

With automatic time control + Light Control + Remote Controller;

Control Mode: the 1st hour: 100% power; the 2nd-3rd hour: 75% power; the 4th-6th hour: 50% power; the rest 6 hours: 25% power, all night lighted on total 12 hours.




Solar street lamp solar street lamp outdoor lamp integrated solar street lamp integrated solar street lamp led solar street lamp solar street lamp.jpg





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户外超亮太阳能路灯 6米高杆 新农村 庭院灯 外观新颖 金网豆路灯.jpg


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